Our vision and how to finally start a business without banks.

I don’t speak English very well. So, in a nutshell, we will outline part of where we want to go. We believe blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens will be used in the real sector, giving users all the benefits inherent in them.

We just want to bring this time closer. Therefore, we must use them in payments in the real sector of the economy, first resorting to the services of exchangers between fiat and crypto, in order to later abandon the use of these exchangers, completely switching to payments in the blockchain. Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, they are currently unsuitable for payments in the offline world, therefore tokens, called stablecoins, pegged to fiat currencies are quite suitable for payments. DAI, USDT, TUSD, USDC and others.

In the course of its activity, our project will create a network of sellers and buyers accepting stablecoins in the real world. Perhaps gradually, having become familiar with payments in stablecoins on the blockchain, more and more people will accept them. In the event that any government services interfere in our case, we will prepare in advance all possible materials that can clearly confirm the ownership of our digital assets, in different courts, in several jurisdictions. In the CIS countries, Russia, where we are located, there are opportunities to unofficially settle issues with the regulatory authorities ( without breaking the law) , besides, we pay taxes (albeit minimal ones), create jobs for citizens, so we can count on the local authorities to meet us.

What other changes are we considering making in the future ?

Creation of a solid cryptocurrency (or using third-party blockchains) based on real resources, goods. With the provision of convincing evidence, (to anyone, without permission), the fact of the availability of such real resources / goods, their correct ratio, with the amount of created cryptocurrency. This should solve the existing problem of creating money out of thin air, (at least in our ecosystem), which inevitably leads to disruptions in the economy.

Another change is to get rid of the fixed interest rate. In our activity, there can be no lending interest, as an antisocial model of lending, in which the borrower is in a deliberately disadvantageous position. The credo of our ethical business goes something like this: we are for freedom of business and entrepreneurship, taking responsibility for society and the environment.

Another important task is project management. The DAO model does not suit us now (decentralization is possible in the future), there must be people, a community of reasonable minimalists in everyday life and in life. Who enjoy life, without large incomes, without fortunes of hundreds of millions of dollars, without premium goods. Moderate minimalists who enjoy working for the benefit of society, with an adequate, moderate income. Those who realize that human life on earth is limited by time, and enjoy their useful for society, work and healthy altruism, which they will leave behind. It is very important that the project (if implemented) is not sold / bought by others in their own business interests.



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