The cB project has an official wallet on the decentralized blockchain TRON, TRX, link here:


TRON is an open blockchain with a large, growing community. Has 90+ million users worldwide.

Unlike the Ethereum blockchain, Tron provides cheaper and faster transactions. In this network, the popular stablecoins USDT, USDC operate similarly to other blockchains.

Before using the TRON tools, applications, please study the instructions and work with wallets and other important details on its resources.

Please note that this official cB wallet on the TRON network is published on all pages of coinBusiness, including channels, accounts, groups and forums.

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Are offered services of our the international company coinBusiness-0x7bb***FdEb, with a public wallet on the Ethereum, Polygon Matic and other blockchains .

Services: “buyer protection”, “transaction collateral”, Escrow.

For whom: sellers on the Internet; channels, pages, sites selling products, freelancers, etc.

Price of services : payment of the gas required by the blockchain for making transactions is sufficient, minor voluntary “tips” are allowed.

Terms: settlements in popular stablecoins, USDT, BUSD, DAI, PAX, PAXG.

⚠ The international, non-profit company coinBusiness -0x7bb***FdEb, supports all activities that meet the definition of “ethical small business”, with the exception of: usury; alcohol, drugs; magic, divination; pornography, sex services; lotteries, casinos, bookmakers; dangerous substances and items officially prohibited by jurisdictions. 🚩



Hello. You can publish our public wallet under your products, and your buyers will receive “Buyer Protection” from CoinBusiness.

cB is a non-profit company, no service fees, no sales commissions. No need for your personal documents, no record of your data.

Read about on CoinBusiness, our pages. Sell your goods anywhere on the internet.




coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility and environmental conservation.